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Every team has a unique leadership journey. No matter where you are in that journey, our services are all designed to do one thing: Accelerate the growth of leaders.



Individual Leadership Development

For those committed to well-being and peak performance, tired of suffering and underperformance, we are excited to share a well-researched process to help individuals go from walking blind-folded through the fog of troubling events, by shifting the negative pain of victimization, traumatic events and failure experiences into constructive mindset and dynamic affirmative strategies. Pain offers an opportunity for optimism and achievement when they manage the IMPACT POINTS that defeat so many others.

We have proven programs to address Individual Leadership Development opportunities.

  • Executive Feedback Program
  • LEAP Assessment
  • 360° Feedback

Group Leadership Development

 We offer targeted Leadership Development experiences for Leaders and Business Executives … from first-time Managers to experienced Senior Executives.

  • Lead, Follow Or Hide: Becoming An Effective Leader
  • Art of Leadership
  • Legacy: A Personal Journey
  • Survive Or Prosper
  • Connect The Dots: "Map"-ping The Journey Now

Team Building and Performance Management Workshops

The Currier Group has proven programs to address specific organization challenges faced by business executives. Each workshop is modified based on team feedback received through confidential surveys. Survey data provides specific themes that direct team engagement with Currier Group core models.

  • Teams in Transition: Managing the Forces of Change
  • POWER Performance: Are You a POWER Partner?
  • Straight Talk Sessions

The Power Advantage: A Win-Twice Formula to Reach Personal and Professional Potential

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