Leadership Transformation.
Growth Acceleration.

Human behavior determines business behavior.
Go beyond operating as a “business”.
Interact as a community of passionate partners
who serve the mission AND each other.

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Expertise sounds impressive,
but repeatable exceptional performance is the outcome of leadership on
every level of the organization!

If you've seen talking heads pontificate about business principles without investing the care and energy to actually connect with others, you know that

Leadership, combined with expertise, is what counts.

Leadership is not a matter of producing dollars and cents…It’s a matter of dollars and sense…COMMON SENSE—Human behavior determines business behavior!

But creating a winning team culture is like beating a drum, not blowing a random trumpet on occasion. It requires constantly being lived and modeled through three R’s: -relationships, Relationships, RELATIONSHIPS- Winning requires next-level leadership that can champion change.


Meet Dr. Joe

As a psychologist and management consultant, Dr. Joe Currier is devoted to helping clients break through barriers to achieve more productive careers and more joyful and meaningful lives.

Dr. Currier has deep experience in leadership development, executive coaching, succession planning, change-transition management, crisis intervention and team building. His clients have included NFL Super Bowl Champions—Baltimore Ravens, The Allegis Group, Exxon-Mobil, KPMG, Wachovia Bank and the United States Forest Service.

If you’re looking to empower leaders and catalyze culture change, book me for your next workshop, conference, or event to get real world, engaging, action-oriented inspiration.


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Virtual On-Demand Resources For Your Journey:

Survive or Prosper

In this 50 Minute On-Demand Keynote, Dr. Joe uses the power of self-honesty to break through barriers. Learn how to convert PTSD into PTM (Post-Traumatic Momentum), and utilize the "Mindset Matrix" to discover new life possibilities!


The 10 Leadership Contracts Certification

Dr. Joe's On-Demand Coaching Certification for Leaders / Coaches / Mentors / Trainers



Educational On-Demand audio stories with aha corners for Children 5-12 years of age and the Parents, Mentors, Educators who care about them.


Couples Relationships

An On-Demand Audio story experience that explores unspoken traps that endanger couples relationships


What Others are Saying

"The Currier Group's individualized and customized offerings are tailored and created for where your team is and what your team needs and the result is a high impact outcome."

- Marty Schager, Regional Vice President Midwest, Aerotek, Chicago

"I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Currier and his group for over 14 years. I can go to them and say, "This is what I need help with.' They will come back with a program created just for me, helping me guide the great people that I work with."

- Robert Herrera, President, Populus Group, Seattle

"The Currier Group has been a great resource for my organization to develop leadership through making the connection between self development, relationship development, and personal peak performance. My organization has benefitted from a number of their programs including Teams in Transition, The Art of Leadership, 360's, the LEAP program, and POWER teams."

- Eric Bowen, Regional Vice President Northwest, Aerotek, San Francisco

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